TV Serrana

Americas Media Initiative

This Spring 2011 Chiapas Media Project (CMP) is proud to be partnering with TV Serrana, to organize their first US tour. TV Serrana is the award winning community media project that trains youth from the Sierra Maestra in video production so they can tell the stories of their communities and culture. In the 17 years since it’s founding, TV Serrana has produced close to 500 documentaries that have won numerous national and international awards.

The tour will be the inaugural event of the new Americas Media Initiative/Cuba Media Project, which will promote the work of independent and community media being produced in contemporary Cuba. The goal is to present a Cuban reality rarely seen in the US, and increase dialogue and understanding between US citizens and Cubans.

The TV Serrana tour will take place mid-March to mid-April and will visit universities and community media centers across the US. We are inviting filmmaker, Carlos Rodriguez, who will screen the documentaries and discuss different aspects of the work of TV Serrana. A selection of TV Serrana's productions will be screened that will provide an historical survey of their work. All videos will be subtitled in English and presentations can be done in English or Spanish. Alexandra Halkin, CMP Founding Director and Founder of the Cuba Media Project will be accompanying Carlos on the tour. Alexandra is a former Guggenheim and Fulbright Fellow and documentary filmmaker with over 20 years of experience working with indigenous and campesino communities in the Americas.


Carlos Y. Rodriguez

Carlos Y. Rodriguez graduated from the Eastern University in Art History in 1998. From 1998 to 2001 Carlos worked as a curator at the Provincial Center of Art and as a Professor at the Professional Art School, The Music Conservatory and the Oscar Lucero Moya University in Holguín. In 2001 he began working with TV Serrana. In 2005 Carlos worked as an Editor and Director at the Matanzas Telecentro. From 2006 to 2008 Carlos worked as a Director for Cuban National Television (ICRT) and Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry (ICAIC). Currently Carlos works as a Director at TV Serrana where he has completed eight documentaries that have won awards in national and international film festivals.