The Cuba Futures conference promises to our best yet. Throughout the three days of the symposium, we will be hosting a full schedule of exciting and intriguing events and panels. Below, see the eight large events highlighting special topics. To the right, there is a listing of the more than 50 panel discussions that will take place over the course of the conference.


Program Documents:
Full Program
Schedule Grid
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All events are located at The Graduate Center of CUNY. This campus is located on the corner of 34th Street and 5th Avenue. More Information

The Call for Papers for Cuba Futures closed on November 24, 2010. Thank you for your submissions.


Panels will be posted as they are confirmed.
Last update: 1/12/11

  • Art in Cuba
  • Civil Society
  • Codes of Commentary in Cuban Cinema
  • Cuban Politics, Society and Culture in the Discourse of Leonardo Padura Fuentes
  • Cubans' Life Histories
  • Cuba's Continental Reach
  • Cultural Expressions in the New Cuban Society
  • Cultural Projections: Cuba, the Soviet Union, Russia, and Germany
  • Dance in Cuba: National Identity and Global Projection Detective Fiction
  • Digital Dilemmas: The Internet and Blogs in Cuba Today
  • Dispersions, Returns, and Future Reunification: Framing the Cuban Diaspora through Cultural Texts
  • Gender and Sexuality in Literary and Public Spheres
  • Havana as Nexus: Privileged Literary and Architectural Sites
  • Historical Perspectives on the Cuban Revolution
  • Historical Perspectives on Democracy in Cuba
  • Historiographies on Cuba since the Fall of the Berlin Wall
  • Imágenes migratorias: Post-exilio cubanoamericano y Periodo Especial
  • Inequalities in Contemporary Cuba
  • Intellectuals and the Arts
  • Issues of International History
  • José Martí
  • Multidimensional Social Transformations from Republic to Revolution
  • Museums, Film, and Theater
  • Music and Nation through the Ages
  • New Avenues of Analysis: US-Cuba Relations
  • Perspectives on a History of Cuban Abstraction
  • Perspectives on Science and Healthcare in Cuba
  • Photography in Revolution
  • Political and Policy Processes
  • Race in Cuba: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives
  • Religion and Rituals in Contemporary Cuba
  • Republican Spaces
  • Revisiting Cuban Diasporic Experiences and Visions
  • Revisiting the Cuban Republic (1902-1958)
  • Sistema Político, Sociedad Civil y Esfera Pública en Cuba: Rastreando Tendencias
  • Social Theory and the Cuban Revolution
  • The Dynamics of the Contemporary Cuban Diaspora
  • The End of Literature and the Twilight of Utopia
  • The Future of the 1960s: Contestations of Cultural Citizenship
  • The Left and International Activism in Cuban History
  • The Logics of Openness
  • Theater and Performance
  • Urban Spaces