The Cuba Futures: Past and Present International Symposium invites interested academics, both young scholars and established specialists, to submit paper proposals on ideas, actors, processes, institutions, and prospects/outcomes that explore the past, present, and future of Cuba. Papers can explore a wide range of historical and contemporary themes. Written by academics and other scholars, they may illuminate the visions, processes, institutions, civil society organizations, social movements, and other actors operating or focused on visions and contexts for the future of Cuba.

  • Biodiversity, natural environments, and natural resources
  • Science, technology, and innovation
  • Healthcare policy and practice
  • Urban spaces, municipal architecture and design, and contemporary infrastructure
  • Regional perspectives, comparative local lenses
  • Cuba and Spain, historical and contemporary connections
  • Revolutionary period and post-communist dynamics: cultural, economic, and political dimensions
  • Creation and demise of utopias and paradigms
  • Economic reform, political organization and democracy
  • Cubans living abroad and 'diasporic' communities
  • Political mobilization, civil society, state-society relations
  • The city of Havana through history, including the character of the culture, politics, cosmopolitism, geography, and urbanization
  • Issues about socialism, post-socialism, and participation
  • Afro-Cuban culture and society
  • New voices and approaches, young scholars
  • Technology and internet networks in Cuban cyberspace
  • Tourism in Cuba

We welcome ideas about these and other themes.

Proposals should consist of a 1-2 page abstract, with a cover letter indicating the author's professional affiliation and title, biographical sketch and contact information, as well as prior work in Cuba Studies. Although English is preferred, proposals, abstracts, and papers will be accepted in either Spanish or English.

Please send proposals by email to:; or via fax to: 212-817-1540. Or send a hard copy in a sealed envelope to:

Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies
Attention: Cuba Project
365 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5209
New York, NY 10016-4309